Just Speak provides English language immersion programs in Poland, where Polish participants spend a few days with native English speakers in a hotel.

We focus on building confidence and creating a positive and fun learning atmosphere. We use unconventional methods of teaching and put more of an emphasis on speaking and listening skills. Every day of program is full of activities, such as one-to-one/one-to-two conversations, group debates or presentations, games and social time in the evening.

This is an invaluable cultural exchange where every individual will gain new knowledge and make international friends.

Your role there is to be part of a group of English speaking volunteers helping our Polish participants to speak English.

We offer you:

A single hotel room and food for five days in a nice hotel outside Poznań (usually Mon-Fri). Double hotel rooms for  Warsaw openings and Youth Programs – 6 days (Sun-Fri)
An afternoon meetup with free lunch and drinks in Poznań (or Warsaw) the day before the program starts (Sun).
Free transportation from Poznań (or Warsaw) to the venue.
A reference letter for future employers.

And, hopefully, an excellent time meeting people from Poland and all over the world!

We ask you to:

You simply have to speak with certain topics English all day with our Polish guests. There will be several different activities every day; these change every hour or two to keep things fresh. The key thing that we need from you is to stay in „active conversation” mode for most of the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not charge volunteers any fee!

Program dates 2021:

July 26-31 (Poznan) – Youth&Junior Group
August 02-06 (Poznan) – Adult Program
August 21-26 (Poznan) – Youth&Junior Group
September 20-24 (Poznan) – Adult Program
September 25-26 (Poznan) – Weekend Program
October 18-22 (Poznan) – Adult Program
November 22-26 (Poznan) – Adult Program

Program dates 2022:
January 17-21 (Poznan) – Youth&Adult Group
February 07-11 (Poznan) – Youth&Adult Group

If you would like to know more about the Program, pls feel free to contact us via mail: office@justspeak.pl (pls remember to provide basic information about you: nationality/education background/teaching experience/etc.)