SEE – useful phrases

SEE – useful phrases

I’ll see what I can do – used to say 'I’ll try to help’
-I need more help with the dogs.
-OK. I’ll see what I can do, but I’ve to go now. See you later.

you see – used when you are explaining sth
I don’t see why notused to say 'Yes’ when sb asks for sth
-Could I have the afternoon off? You see, my mom’s comming back from London.
-Sure, I don’t see why not.

let’s see / let me see used to say that you are thinking, or trying to remember sth
-Who’s the youngest in your class?
-Hmm… Let’s see… It must be John.

see how it goes / see how things go used to say that you will decide about a situation after letting it develop for a short time
-Joanna thinks, I should join a gym.
-Well, you could try it and see how it goes.

you’ll see – used to tell sb that they will find out you were right about sth
-I’m not sure I want to go to China.
-Od, it’ll be wonderful – you’ll see.

see for yourself – used to tell sb to look at sth to check that what sb has said about it is true
-Have you finished the cleaning?
-Yes, see for yourself.

Phrases with see are commonly used when saying goodbye to someone you know, especially when you expect to see them again soon: See you later / See you tomorrow or simply See you!
See you around
or See you soon are used if you are not sure when you will see the person again.


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