10 Spring English Sayings

10 Spring English Sayings


Fresh as a daisy
A daisy is a type of flower. If you’re fresh as a daisy, you’re healthy and full of energy. This is like the way you feel after getting a really good night of sleep.

He’s/She’s a spring chicken
Baby chickens are born in spring. It means that he/she is a young and naive person (usually in the negative meaning).

He’s/She’s no spring chicken
Baby chickens are born in spring. But this person wasn’t just born. It means that this person isn’t so young anymore.

Let grass grow under your feet
Grass is soft and wonderful, but if you’re letting grass grow under your feet then you’re standing still or doing nothing for too long.

Like watching grass grow
Even if you’re not standing so still that you let the grass grow under your feet, sometimes you have to be in a situation that’s very boring. In those cases you might feel like you’re watching grass grow  it’s slow and unexciting.

Not a cloud in the sky
The sky is clear and things are good! If there’s not a cloud in the sky, things look like they will be good for a while and there’s nothing to worry about.

Head in the clouds
This saying means that you’re either not paying attention to what’s going on around you or you have too many unrealistic thoughts. It can also mean that you’re always dreaming and optimistic. If someone tells you to get your head out of the clouds, you might be spending too much time thinking or dreaming.

Social butterfly
Butterflies like to gather around flowers, but social butterflies are people who like to gather around people. A social butterfly is someone who loves company and moves from one person to another easily, like a butterfly would fly between flowers.

Have a spring fever
Fever means any feelings of nervous anticipation and excitement felt before a new experience. To have a spring fever means to be full of joy that spring season has arrived.

Brighten up the day
Something or someone who makes you feel good and happy for the rest of the day. Someone who is a ray of sunshine can really brighten up your day.

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