15 Fixed Phrases

15 Fixed Phrases

come and go – be present for a short time, then go away, then return, and so on…
The pain in my leg comes and goes.

wait and see – delay action until you knowwhat is going to happen
We can’t do anything about it now. We’ll just haveto wait and see what she decides.

facts and figures – scurate and detailed information
We need to see facts and figures before making a decison.

fast and furious – full or rapid action and quick changes
The action is really fast and furious at the end of the film.

up and down the road – along the road in both directions
I have been up and down the road, but I can’t see them.

bright and early – early in the morning
You’re up bright and early this morning.

peace and quiet – calm and silence, especially to the noisy environment
I like the peace and quiet of the countryside.

first and foremost – used for emphasizing the main point or the most important reason for sth
First and foremost we need to buy a new car.

backwards and forwards – moving from one place to another and back again, many times
I have been going backwards and forwards all day.

on and off – used to say that sth happens many times, then stops for a period, then starts again. and so on..
Do you see them much?   On and off, but not a great deal.

sick and tired of sth – very unhappy about sth
I’m sick and tired of this hot weather.

word for word – using exactly the same words
He told me what she said word for word.

one way or another – using one of several possible methods, althrough you don’t know yet which one
I’ll get the money one way or another.

give or take – used to say that the number you have just started is nearly correct, but not exactly
The books will be here in 2 weeks, give or take a few days.

sooner or later – at some point in the future
I’ll find another job sooner or later.


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