Job Interview Answers – the most useful English phrases

Job Interview Answers – the most useful English phrases

Describing Yourself
I was born and raised in …
I attended the University of …
I’ve just graduated from the University of …
I have worked for 5 years as a …
I have worked for various companies including …
I enjoy playing …

What Type of Position You are Looking for?
I’m looking for a position in which I can …
I’m interested in an …
I am more interested in a full-time position.
I am more interested in a part-time position.

Describing Your Profile
I perform well under pressure.
I developed some important skills.
I’m used to working in a busy environment.
I have very good people skills.
I’m a very organized person.
I manage my time well by planning out …
I’m good at dealing with change.
I work well under pressure.

What is Your Greatest Strength?
I’ve always been a great team player.
I believe my strongest trait is my attention to detail.
I realized my strength is accomplishing a large amount of work within a short period of time.
I pay close attention to my customer’s needs.
I am an excellent communicator.
I am a trouble shooter.
I’m good at multitasking.
I’m good at resolving problem situations.
I’m self-motivated.
I have very good organizational and time management skills.

What is Your Greatest Weakness?
I feel my English ability is my weakest trait.
I always try to solve my own problems instead of asking a co-worker who might know the answer.
I am overzealous (work too hard).
I become nervous when ….
I tend to spend too much time making sure the customer is satisfied.
Sometimes I have trouble delegating duties to others.

Why You Want this Job?
I want to take on more responsibility.
In line with my qualifications.
I am convinced that /the name of the firm/ are becoming one of the market leaders.
I want to further my career in accounting.
I am impressed by the quality of your products.

Why the Company Should Hire You?
You should hire me because I’m confident and …
There are two reasons I should be hired. First, …
I’m a perfect fit for this job because …
I should be hired because I’m …
I think I am a great match for this position.

Talking about language skills
I’ve been speaking French for the last … years.
I have effective communication skills in German – both verbally and in writing.
I’ve been working in an French speaking environment for the last … years.
My English is competent for this industry.

What are Your Salary Expectations?
I will need more information about the job and the responsibilities before we can discuss salary.
I expect experience based remuneration.
I’m sure that your company offers a fair, competitive salary for someone with my experience.
My salary expectations are in line with my qualifications.

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