go by to pass (time/place)
Four hours went by. It is time to finish our meeting.
I always go by city center on my way to work.

go away leave
I had to go away for a couple of weeks and by the time I got back, the garden was full of weeds.

go around  used as a direction, plenty of something, something that spreads
Please go around the house to get to the garage.
There’s plenty to go around
I’ve heard the flu is going around.

go back return
When are you going back to university?

go back on not keep a promise or ones word
Both leaders feard that the other would go back on his word.

go down decrease or reduce
I wish the prices of hotels would go down this summer.

go for try to achieve or enjoy having/crave (idiom: hit the spot)
He is
going for the gold medal at the national championships.
It’s so hot today. I wish I could go for a swim in the sea.

go in for take part in/participate
I am going in for the English camp next week.

go into discuss in detail or at length
We went into our discussion about our plans to visit Poland, so the meeting took 2 extra hours.

go off explode, make loud (with alarms or signals)/, become angry quickly, stop (of a machine)
The bomb could go off at any moment.
My alarm clock went off at 6:00 a.m.
went off in a flash when she saw her boyfrined talking to Sara.
When t
he generator went off we had no light last night.

go on continue, happen
Please go on! I could listen to you telling stories all day.
What’s been going on here yesterday evening? This place looks like a garbage dump.

go on with continue as planned
I think we should go on with the discussion after break.

Go out fire stops burning, social activities/a date
The electricity went out last night. I couldn’t see anything.
Every weekend I go out with my friends.

Go over review
You should go over your homework to make sure there are no mistakes.

go through examine/study carefully, experience difficulties
Your lawyer should go through this contract before you sign it.
I would not like to go through what he has.

go through with proceed despite of difficulties
I have decided to go through with the move to Warsaw.

go with match/suit, accompany someone, to have soemone as a boyfriend or girlfriend
My shirt and pants are both blue. They go with each other.
John is going with Marlin to school tomorrow.
Katie is going with Marc. They make a great couple.

go without abstain from, not use/not need
A camel can go without water for many, many days.

go along with agree with or follow.
Alice usually goes along with what he says . She trusts him.

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