10 ENGLISH HEALTH IDIOMS – angielskie idiomy o zdrowiu!

10 ENGLISH HEALTH IDIOMS – angielskie idiomy o zdrowiu!

1. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
– it is better to take good care of yourself to prevent illness than it is to get one and try to treat it, e.g. with medication
Example: I always tell my daughter to take vitamin C regularly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

2. cold hands, warm heart 
– people whose hands are usually cold have kind and loving personalities (since people who are ill often have cold hands too, it makes a nice addition to this idiom list :))
Example: Oh, Mary, your hands are cold. You know what they say, don’t you? Cold hands, warm heart.


3. feed a cold, starve a fever  eating more will cure the common cold, while not eating will cure a fever
Example: Eat something, John. Your grandmother always said that you should feed a cold, starve a fever.


4. hoarse voice – throat is sore and you cannot speak well due to illness, so you have a hoarse voice
Example: I could hardly understand Joanne on the phone. She had a hoarse voice.

splitting headache  an extremely bad or severe headache
Example: Could you please be quiet? I have a splitting headache.


6. to be as pale as a ghost / to be as white as snow – your skin or complexion is extremely white, you are either as pale as a ghost or as white as a ghost
Example: Marc was as pale as a ghost when I asked him about the missing keys to my car. He said that he was ill, but I didn’t believe him.

7. to be coming down with something 
– when someone starts a cold or flu, he is coming down with it
Example: I’m sorry. I can’t come to visit you today, because I fear that I am coming down with a cold.


8. to be fit as a horse / to be fit as a fiddle – to say that someone is very healthy
Example: I am not sick. In fact, I am as fit as a fiddle!

9. to be knocked out 
to be extremely tired and/or unable to do anything
Example: I thought that I could return to work after a week, but this flu has really knocked me out.

10. to be sick as a dog 
– someone is extremely ill
Example: When Anne called me last night, I could hardly get of out bed to answer the telephone. I was as sick as a dog!

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