SAY & TELL – useful phrases

SAY & TELL – useful phrases

I’d rather not say – a polite way to say you don’t want to give sb some information
-Are you planning to leave your job?
I’d rather not say at the moment.

I wouldn’t say no (to sth) used to say you would like sth or to accept sth you are offered
-Would you like a tea?
I wouldn’t say no.

You can say that again – I agree with you completely
-That was a really fun game.
You can say that again!

I have to say (that) / I must say (that) usesd for emphasizing an opinion
-Did you speak to John?
-Yes. I have to say, he was very rude.

whatever you say – used to agree with sb’s suggestion, even if you don’t like it, because you don’t want to argue about it
-We need to visit aunt Marry next week.
-OK, whatever you say.

tell me used before asking a question
to say the least – used to say that you could have expressed sth in a much stronger way
Tell me, how was your trip to Egipt?
-Well, it was hot, to say the least

that would be telling – used to say that you can’t give some information because it is secret
-Is Angela getting married?
That would be telling.

I couldn’t tell you – used to tell sb that you don’t know the answer to their question
-Is it going to rain in the afternoon?
I couldn’t tell you.

I told you (so) used to say that I warned you about sth, but you didn’t listen and now you can see I was right
-You were right – John lied to me.
-You see? I told you so!

To tell you the truth used to say what you really feel of think
-Did you enjoy the movie?
-To tell you the truth, it was boring.

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