10 English Idioms

10 English Idioms

to hang in there
– to keep trying, don’t give up, be patient and things will eventually get better
If someone is having difficulties or experiencing a bad situation, it is a good idea to tell them to hang in there.

sth rocks / sth rules – sth is really great, awesome, wonderful
My new job rocks! 

to blow someone away – sth completely amazed someone (to be blown away sth)
The new technology blew me away.

 miss the boat – be too late to get an opportunity, to lose the chance to participate

I missed the boat on that one.

to freak out – to panic or become very upset or agitated
Everybody was freaking out, when there was an explosion.

to be rusty –  someone used to have good skills or ability to do something, but he hasn’t done this activity in a long time, so now he is out of practice
I haven’t done this in a long time. I’m rusty.

up in the air – plans are still undecided or uncertain, nothing is confirmed
Things are still up in the air.

to pitch in – to join an effort and help with something, usually a project that has multiple people working on it
We all have to pitch in.

to be beat – a slang way to say you are tired
to hit the sack – to go to bed
I’m beat. Time to hit the sack.

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