Key verb – TAKE

Key verb – TAKE


take sb off – copy the way sb speaks or behaves, to entertain people
She’s really good at taking people off.

take notice of sb – pay (no) attention to what sb says
Take no notice of those troublemakers, they’re only trying to provoke you.

take (time) off – have a particular amount of time away from work
I asked my boss if I could take a day off to go to a funeral.

be taken aback – be shocked or surprised
All of us were a bit taken aback to learn that John was moving to Germany next month.

take your life in your hands – put yourself in danger (usually of death)
Every time you go parachuting you’re taking your life in your hands.

take things easy – to relax and not work too hard
My doctor told me to take things easy for a while.

take it or leave it – used to say that you do not care if sb accepts your offer or not
I’ll give you $140 for the bike – take it or leave it.

not take sth lying down – not accept a bad situation without a fight or protest
He can’t treat you like that! Surely you’re not going to take that lying down!

take sb against  begin to dislike someone
I think she took against me when I got the promotion she wanted.

take care of yourself – used when saying goodbye to someone
– Bye, Anna.
– Goodbye John, take care.

take care of yourself –  take care of your health and get well
– I’m sorry you’re ill.
– Oh, it’s nothing.
– Well, take care of yourself.

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