Key verb – LOOK

Key verb – LOOK

look back on sth
– think about sth in your past

Do you look back on your childwood as the happiest time of your life?

look on the bright side – be cheerful or positive about a bad situation
Do you look on the bright side when you’re in a difficult situation?

look up to sb – respect or admire sb (opp. look down on sb)
Do you look up to the people who are in positions of power?

look out for sb – take care of sb and make sure they are treated well
Do you look out for people when they need help?

look the other way – ignore sth bad that is happening and not try to stop it
Would you look the other way if you saw someone stealing from the shop?

look sb in the eye – look straight at sb, especially to show that you are being honest
Can you look people at the eye and tell the truth all the time?

look to sb – hope or expect to get help, advice, etc. from sb
Do other people look to you for advice?

look your best – look as attractive as possible
Do you always try to look your best when you go out?

look young for your age – look as though are younger than you really are
Do you look young for your age?