Jesienne słownictwo w 10 angielskich idiomach

Jesienne słownictwo w 10 angielskich idiomach

Autumn years – it is often used to refer to the later years in someone’s life

In his autumn years, John was able to enjoy his garden a lot more.

Turn into a pumpkin – means to go to bed or return home because it’s late at night
Can I leave now please. I’m  turning into a pumpkin.

The apple never falls far from the tree – used to say that someone looks or behaves like their parents or relatives
John is such a nice boy just like his father. Apple never falls far from the tree.

Golden handshake – used in Business English to refer to a large sum of money that is given to an employee (normally high level) when they leave
The CEO was given early retirement and a golden handshake of £1000,000 when the company was restructured.

Turn over a new leaf – to reform and begin again
Anna has learned her lesson and has turned over a new leaf.

Lost in the mists of time – means that something has been forgotten because it happened a long time ago
The true significance of these traditions have been lost in the mists of time.

To be nuts about someone or something – to be obsessed with someone or something
My kids are nuts about apple pie but I hate it.

To drive someone nuts – to make someone go crazy
That noise is driving me nuts. Please stop at once!

To squirrel something away – to hide or store something like a squirrel
Maria squirreled away a lot of money while she was working and now she can enjoy her retirement.

To fall behind – means to be behind a schedule or late at finishing or completing something
If you read one chapter of book each day you won’t fall behind in your class.

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