Let’s talk about shopping …

Let’s talk about shopping …

get sth back
– the money you have paid is returned to you
  Have you ever tried to get your money back on something you bought?

on sale – avaliable to be bought
  Do you like to buy new things as soon as they go on sale?

send off for sth / send away for sth – order sth by post or on the Internet
rather than – instead of/in place of
  Do you ever send off for things rather than buy them in shops?

shop around for sth – go to several shops before you decide what particular thing to buy
  Do you usually shop around to get the best price for something?

on (special) offer – on a sale at a lower price than normal for a short time
  Do you often buy gods which are on special offer?

splash out on sth – spend a lot of money on sth
  When did you last splash out on something to wear? What did you buy?

wrap sth up – cover sth completely in papaer (e.g. present)
for nothing – for free/ without any payment
When you last bought a present, did the shop wrap it up nicely for you for nothing?

sell out of sth – if a shop sells out of sth, it has no more of that particular thing left to sell
  Do your local shops often sell out of things, e.g. bread?

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