Short responses, czyli krótkie odpowiedzi po angielsku

Short responses, czyli krótkie odpowiedzi po angielsku

if you like – used to agree with sb’s suggestion to do sth
-Shall we get the train?
-Yeah, if you like.

not at all / you’re welcome used as a polite reply when sb thanks you
-Thanks a lot.
Not at all.

same here the same thing is also true for me
-I’m bored with with this.
-Yeah, same here.

not bad quite good
-How is your husband?
Not bad.

not exactly – used when you are correctingsth that sb has said
-Did you say you’d go with us?
Not exactly. I said I might.

never mind – used to tell sb not to worry or be upset
-I’ve forgotten your book.
-Never mind.

I’m not bothered / it is all the same to me – it’s not important to me
-Where shall we go?
I’m not bothered.

yes and no used when you cannot give a clear answer to sth
-Was the Day s success?
-Er, yes and no.

go ahead used to give sb permission to do sth or use sth
-Can I borrow your pen?
-Sure, go ahead.

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