20 ways to say YES

20 ways to say YES

YES is used for telling someone that what they have said or asked is true or correct

  1. OK
    the most common way to say ‘yes’ and even the most frequently spoken and written word on the planet

  2. of course
    used for saying ‘yes’ very definitely, in answer to a question

  3. definitely
    used for emphasizing that you mean ‘yes’

  4. naturally
    spoken used for saying ‘yes’, especially when that would be most people’s answer

  5. I don’t mind if I do
    a polite and humorous way of accepting something that is being offered to you

  6. you bet
    used for saying ‘yes’ in an enthusiastic way

  7. okey-dokey
    a way to offer ad laidback, jokey affirmative

  8. yea
    use it if  you want to inject an archaic flavour into your response, it’s also used as the response for an affirmative vote in the US Congress, so you can feel legislative as well as archaic

  9. by all means
    used for politely agreeing with someone and giving permission, also
     suggests that ‘yes’ is being offered in every way possible

  10. sure
    often used in response to requests for permission
  11. And how !
    used in a number of affirming ways, along the lines of „no mistake, very much so!” „certainly!” and „you bet!”
  12. yup
    a joy way to say OK

  13. yuppers
    used to entirely agree with a statement
  14. surely
    used to emphasize the speaker’s firm belief that what they are saying is true and often their surprise that there is any doubt of this
  15. that’s right
    used instead of ‘yes’ as an answer to a question or statement

  16. amen
    used to agree with, affirm, approve, or emphasize something else that has been said
  17. very well
    very well and very good convey a flavour of acceptance rather than excitement
  18. right on
    used as an expression of strong support, approval, or encouragement
  19.  totally
    used to express agreement
  20. 10-4
    means 'understood’ / 'clear’

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