Love story, czyli jak opowiedzieć o romantycznym związku po angielsku

Love story, czyli jak opowiedzieć o romantycznym związku po angielsku

chat sb up
– talk to sb in a friendly because you are attracted to them

be your type – be someone with the qualities that you find attractive

hit it off / hit it off with sb – form a good relationship on first meeting

be crazy about sb / be mad about sb – be very much in love with sb

put yourself in sb’s shoes / put yourself in sb’s place – imagine you are in the same situation

fall in love / fall in love with sb /fall for sb – start to love each other

for good – for ever

think the world of sb – feel great love or affectionfor sb

come between people – cause an argument or difficulty between people

break up / break up with sb / split up / split up with sb – stop having a relationship

split people up – cause two people to stop having a relationship

Vocabulary in use:
Mary was very flattered when Mark started chatting her up at a party because she didn’t think she would be his type. But they really hit it off, and then started seeing each other a lot. Mark fell in love for Mary at the first sight. Mary was also crazy about him. Unfortunetely Mary could feel that Mark’s mother thinks the world of him and tries to do everything to come between them to split them up. But they didn’t breake up. When Mary tried to put herself in his mother’s shoes, she understood that his mother probably thought that she was losing her son for good. Mary was very patient, she found the solution and after some time they became friends.

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