Plans and arrangements – 10 useful phrases

Plans and arrangements – 10 useful phrases

go ahead – to start or continue to do something / to happen
Is the trip going ahead as planned? / The party went ahead as planned.

bring sth forward – move sth to an earlier time
They brought the date of the wedding forward so his grandparents could attend.

put sth back – to change sth to a later time or date
The meeeting was today, but we’ve put it back till Monday.

put sth off – to delay sth we don’t want to do
I need to go to the denstist, but I keep putting it off.

have sth on – have arranged to do something at a particular time, so that you are not available to do anything else
Do you have anything on for tomorrow morning?

call sth off – cancel sth that has been arranged, so it doesn’t happen
She’s called off the wedding.

make it – manage to do sth or be somewhere
We made it to the meeting. /  I can make it on Friday.

fix sth up – arrange for sth to happen
Shall we fix something up for next week?

look ahead (to sth) – think about what is likely to happen / plan what you are going to do in the future
Looking ahead, I think the company needs to develop some new services.

go according to plan – happen in the way you intend and expect
I’m hopping to go to China, if all goes according to plan.

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